About Bill

About Bill

Studying is hard, whether trying to keep up with classes or researching a new project or learning a new career field. Everyone learns differently and if you have done any of these things then you may have wished that it could come more easily. Perhaps reading is difficult, or maybe organizing information is a chore. Computers have enormous power to process and organize data. But how can you make your computer convert your data into usable knowledge that you can use to make your reading more effective and speed up your own learning?

I am Bill Hollingsworth, a computational linguist, and the creator of Skimcast. Reading is hard for me (because of poor eye sight) so I began to study reading with the goal of teaching a computer how to read for me and not just to me. I went to England to the University of Cambridge for an M.Phil. in theoretical linguistics (similar to a Master’s degree in the US) and a Ph.D. in computer science. It was there that I started work on Skimcast, a technology to simulate the skimming process of a skilled reader with a range of accessible interfaces to make learning easier.

I am currently the CEO of Skimcast and I am also a lecturer in computer science at the University of Georgia. This blog takes a weekly look at my experiences with making learning more accessible with technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Skimcast is available for free on both app stores. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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